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Carrie Underwood "Blown Away" Review

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on May 8, 2012 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a long long time since my last review, and this time it's great to have my favorite one up with new album which should probably blow me away. Let's roll the music now for review.

1. Good Girl

I always enjoy uptempos from Carrie and this song can just be easily sealed into my all-time favorite list just like Cowboy Casanova and Undo It. There's no direct boy bashing, but indirectly warn them through the girls. An opening which kinda makes you jaw-dropping already, leaves you wonder how hot it can be in the verse, bridge and chorus. And the whole song basically kills, excites you to another level. Greatest moment comes during the bridge, and the last 5 seconds. What a wonderful ending!

2. Blown Away

I like this song being strange, strange in the way that the storyline is different from any other. No  love or breakup stories. But a daughter calls for Sweet Revenge on her Dad! Wow. The chorus leaves you eager for more and more, and thankfully the last chorus do show the more power side of the song, otherwise it'll be a wasted effort for the lyricist. The low register before chorus is really unexpecting, we don't really get stuff like this in country music.

3. Two Black Cadillacs

Do I sense like Carrie Underwood trilogy: Before He Cheats, Cowboy Casanova, Two Black Cadillacs? Yeah. I like a song that gives me plot like reading story, and it is a good story for sure. And I think it's pretty hard to see women nowadays walk away smiling with each other, knowing the other half lie on them, COOL. If this is going to be one of the next single, the music video will definitely be interesting, maybe we'll see 2 sides of Carrie in a video again like Good Girl.That background vocals, TWO BLACK...Not sure if they are necessary to be repeated again again in the interval, kinda weird sometimes, of course not forget to mention, the tune of whole song is great.

4. See You Again

This time the background vocalist play better roles. I love how the chorus turns out to be a stronger melody, like an inspirational song, though it isn't, clearly. The lyrics are simple, yet it's the simplicity that gives you the lovely mood. Narnia co-write, I thought it's a better song than There's A Place for Us. After the bridge, I like the sudden low register, to the immediate huge chorus. This song, different from the starters, sweet one. My most favorite of all currently.

5. Do You Think About Me

I am not a fan of this at first, to be honest. But I don't know since when that I grab a few sweet spots in this song, which later becomes a likeable song. A sweeter romantic song compared to See You Again. Slow pop-ish, very comfortable. And Carrie adds the meltiness to the song as she delivers in chorus, Oh I, Ohh I...The chorus after bridge feels great with Carrie's vocal sweetness. How many sweet word have I been using? That's how sweet the song is. FOUR!

6. Forever Changed

Am I the only one who thinks that this is Temporary Home 2.0? Again, i wasn't a fan during 1st listen, but as of now, writing this review, I thought Carrie interprets every single lyric well. The chorus doesn't charge into a way like how Temporary Home did, too bad, but still it's a heartfelt song, for most of the people out there, for sure. Plus, Carrie needs to sing this live. No matter she gets emotional or not, I'm pretty sure the fans wanna have moment like that.

7. Nobody Ever Told You

Giving advice and encouragement briefly, not sure if the person will listen it though, as it sounds too easy with this easy going tune, you can see from the lyrics as well. Perhaps the problem suffered isn't too big, LOL. Anyway, still a pleasant song to hear. I like the little orchestra adding behind the song. That's it.

8. One Way Ticket

 I feel this more and more now. Best listen when having exam or stressful job. Go along with the lyrics and you'll find yourself enjoying every single lyric. Raise your hands in the air! A hawaiian or carribean tune, and some critic dislike the beachy feel here by Carrie, I guess they have never been to beach or they fail to release stress, so hereby I declare you can stay as where you are, I go holiday with Carrie! Ha. Crazy. The Uh and Hey, something to play with in this song, interesting, joyful.

9. Thank God for Hometowns

I've always wanted to understand the meaning of each song, especially when come to God, it may or may not take longer time for me to blend inside. So, basically I'll review mostly on the melody. Lyric is okay, but could have been better without too much Mumma said, she said, tell you Hi... Melody is fine for me.

10. Good in Goodbye

Another song just entered my most favorite list. The song grows as it really happens. Carrie's emotion can be felt here, though it doesn't happen in her real life. I'm stucked in the chorus, way too beautiful. Did HAPPY, the word repeat too much? Yes and No. No in the way that the feeling is happy "directly", without replacing it with other synonym, which is clever. Without bridge, still the song can kill as it is about letting go someone, peacefully, calm. Good ending, perhaps. Ryan Tedder just doesn't disappoint.

11. Leave Love Alone

Undo It - ish. Simple lyrics, yet can blow you away. I like how chorus 1,2 and 3 differ from each other, which one just getting stronger to another. Chorus 2's the best. Nothing wrong with hands clapping, and melodies, beat which make you go tapping on the floor. I don't find Leave Love Alone too repetitive in terms of the lyric. It sounds good as it is, and it's a uniqueness.

12. Cupid's Got A Shotgun

Pretty fun song. Someone chasing after her this time. But, is the outro melody too long? Why not end it with a bam!? The excitement of this song and rapid heartbeat confuses some people, for being too messy a lil, but I don't think so. Carrie sings the way in the way how it should sound like.

13. Wine After Whiskey

A song that didn't make it the Play On era. It is interesting to see how verse connects to the chorus in terms of melody. I can't say it's flawless (I used to like one verse, one chorus...fixed), but when you are used to it, it's acceptable, and you'll still like it. Lyrics are beautiful, though I never had a taste of wine and whiskey. Ha!  

14. Who Are You

Ending with high note. I fall in love with no reason. Belting vocals? Melody? Lyric? I don't know. Just one snap, and that's top 5! Who Are you refers to the God, someone said it's Mike Fisher, LOL.

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl

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Click to watch Carrie Underwood, Good Girl.

Adam Lim Music Chart - Week 1

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on March 12, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Ranking Song Artist

1 Good Girl Carrie Underwood

2 Vision of Love Kris Allen

3 If You Ever Come Back The Script

3 Dang Dong Ye Jian Nuan Stephanie Sun

3 Ming Tian De Ji Yi Stephanie Sun

6 Stronger Kelly Clarkson

6 Feeling Good Michael Buble

6 Jian Ao Jess Lee

9 Hypnotico Jennifer Lopez

10 Breaking Your Own Heart Kelly Clarkson

10 The Man Who Can't Be Moved The Script

12 Everybody's Girl Jennifer Lopez

12  We Cry The Script

14 Don't You Wanna Stay Kelly Clarkson

15 Starting Over Jennifer Lopez

16 I'll Always Love You Jessica Sanchez

16  Superstitions Phillip Phillips

18 Lately Colton Dixon

18  All The Man that I Need Hollie Cavanagh

20 - -

New Song Challenge

1 I Believe In You and Me Erika Van Pelt


Some thoughts of March so far...

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on March 9, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, I don't wanna complain too much on loads of my assignment, review paper and research project. I always find some time for me to relax. By watching Idol, listening to new music...And fyi, I am downloading a new episode of American Idol while doing my research, so I can watch later in the evening.

Let's talk about Idol then, got lots of things to share about this favorite reality singing competition. I don't care how people look at their ratings, American Idol is the only show which produce real talented artists. You can see the success of their career after Idol, and compare them to The Voice, X Factor...Idol simply is the best!

I think I enjoy looking at most of the performances by the top 13 finalist. I mean I don't really dislike anyone else like how i hate James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Adam Lambert. This season, they r fine for me, not too sure about Elise Testone, do you think she's like Haley 2.0, forgt about the growling. But I'm gonna be okay with that. As long as you don't talk too much when judges are giving comments.

**I wish I can go buy my lunch now, but I can't leave my laptop on the table here, thieves everywhere in the campus, who knows. Never mind. Just plug-in my headset, listen to music, forget about hunger first. And pray hard download speed maintains at 40kb/s above till the end. Expected to finished downloading in 2 hours ++.

**Looks like I gonna stop doing my research for a while. I just can't progress with the hybrid method. Errors coming again and again

**And apparently the downloading speed has dropped to 36.5kb/s. Haihz...i shud go for lunch now, just cafeteria next to my library, I can still see my laptop. Oh duh....someoone took the place...WAIT

After watching the Top 13 performance...I was quite surprised, because quite a bunch people went to cover songs which have been performed in previous seasons, risky, but some performed really well. And Colton Dixon's "Lately" impressed me the most. He may not have that big voice like Stefano Langone, but his version was great, even better than Stefano's.

And also Superstition by Phillip Phillips. People used to bring the lame original version by Stevie Wonder. But, this time Phillip made it kinda rock and naughty version, which I like it. However, there's still people not liking his singing style, that's their problem, I am a fan! Just one thing, the clothing, Phillip, just make it more modern lil bit, you can't wear the same shirt all the time.

Shannon Magrane..finally, her no so great moment. I never feel confident about her singing. She's HUGE in terms of voice, but maybe becuz she is still young, teenage voice, not 'matured' enough, so she lack that kind of DIVA voice, so once her singing goes wrong, no standing O for you. I like her personality, but I need more from her singing.

Hollie Cavanagh. Another one with big voice, when she's going to kill the song, she will definitely murder them. Like what I always say, WOW moment! Since top 25, and now top 13, yes, the WOW was there. Just relax, people will get to feel you more, cute girl. I think she's my current fav female contestant after Jen was eliminated, and unexpected exit of Hallie Day in top 25.

**Duhh...battery power finishes...and i have to restart the whole download! Damn! One last try...if any problem persists, i'm gonna eat spoilers through mjsbigblog.

**Had 2 slices of chocolate cake. And hopefully my download finishes soon.

**Library was too cold. I'm gonna move to 4th floor.

Jessica Sanchez..I have to admit, she never disappoint in her performances, but jessica gave me the kind of feeling that she was not Idol-type of winner. She's got the style in Top 25. And the Whitney tribute performance was just like Whitney 2.0. Now, if she continues to bring stellar performances with diff. themes in the upcoming weeks, maybe she will prove me wrong that SHE CAN ACTUALLY WIN. I just don't know how high is her vote now, I just keep thinking, she won't be the highest vote getter.

Erika Van Pelt. She has a likable personality. Though she's saved by judges to enter top 13, but I can see fans are loving her more and more now. But, since her fanbase are not huge yet, just be careful, one big mistake in performance will bring her in danger for sure. Perhaps, eliminated. Of course I wish she can go far, she is a good singer. Even better if she can sing like PINK, more rocker style since her voice is so unique.

**Downloading speed is back to 40kb/s. Expected to finish downloading AI show in an hour and a a half.

Joshua Ledet, no matter how good he is, I can only place him in my no.3 favorite male contestant. He is good though, just that not my type of American Idol. His voice is defeinitely awesome, with that yai yai yai yai yai...lol...I think he'll be somewhere around top 8. No comment about him, just good, nice, and all the best to Joshua.

Heejun Han. Forgive me for saying this. I wasn't a fan after the Vegas round. I think it's either the producers trying to make drama, or that was really his personality. No matter what, i think I had enough. His singing was ok, not perfect, so if judges praise him too much, I will take him as an overrated singer. He could be great in Asia, but not in American Idol. Thank god though, his enemy, cowboy Richie Law isn't in. HAHA!

DeAndres Brackensick is sometimes good, sometimes I can't stand with his voice. Don't play too much with falsetto, I know that is his potential, but you wont be saved all the way to ....

**Kill me please...my laptop just run out of battery again...WHY WHY WHY?? Restart??? Ok, one last try. Since the download speed at the best of today, 58.0++kb/s.

Deandre won't be saved all the way by singing in that style, of course he was back to bit normal in top 13. One question, was that song enough for him to sail through with public votes? I don't know yet. Have to see how the result later for Top 13. Actually I prefer Jen Hirsh than DeAndre when judges wanted to pick one last wildcard for top 13, too bad it was DeAndre, anyway, he won't last long..I guess..

Who else? Skylar Laine. She's in one of my favorite list earlier during the auditions. And like everyone said, She sings just like Reba, the style. She could go far I guess, if she stays consistent, and definitely the country fans are gonna vote hard for this country girl. She's cute too, especially when delivering uptempo sings, shaking on the stage. LOL. She was lucky too to pick the song up and had some WOW moment in the middle and end of the Whitney's song.

**50 MB downloaded in 15 minutes

350MB should take 105 minutes then if the connection speed maintains above 56.0kb/s

Jeremy Rosado. I thought HUGE guy will have HUGE voice, but this doesn't happen to Jeremy. It isn't that his voice is bad, but soft, which sometimes melt you. And I bet everyone was touched when he sang for his life with I KNOW YOU WON'T in top 25. However, overall in top 13, he needs to work really hard, because most ppl are predicting Jeremy to leave first. I would say, maybe yes, maybe no. It's either Jeremy or Jermaine to leave first in top 7 guys, based on their performances.

Last one...I can't believe i'm reviewing all of them. Cuz i got nothing left to do besides waiting for download to complete. Jermaine Jones, should have been Johnny Keyser, but i know Jermaine needs this so much, pity him. Other than his low voice, I always find Jermaine singing as if he was really asking for your votes, sometimes you may wonder is he having teary eyes or what?  I just hope that if he leaves the competition, he should feel appreciative. He already has the moment to enjoy on stage.

**94.5MB downloaded in 30 minutes. Speed decreased to 54.0++ kb/s. Please don't slow down! 

Once I finish my download, it'll be time to buy dinner. Then, go home, i mean "hostel", watch Idol and maybe at the same time, to have my early dinner. 

 **145MB downloaded in 45 minutes. Looks like it's back to normal again. Keep going. 55.0kb/s!

Now rewatching Colton Dixon's performance. Oh!! Just nice!!  And then Hollie again. I like her more than Jessica. Really. And there comes Phillip. Another nice guy, with nice personality. Just love this version of Superstition. 

WHO WANTS ANYTHING LIKE JAMES DURBIN OR ADAM LAMBERT IN THIS SHOW? NEHHH! Don't get yourself so lame with those kind of performances again and again. Each season carries it's uniqueness, if you think you want more James Durbin, don't watch this show then. LOL

**194MB downloaded in 60 minutes. Still normal. And still 55.0kb/s..

**243MB downloaded in 75 minutes. Normal. Still 55.0kb/s...good! I'm not gonna turn off the electric switch, otherwise the battery will run empty at anytime again.

And I just rewatched Jessica again. Still, it was really good. If next week, she continues to shine like this, okay, I surrender. You are in my top list with Hollie for Female.

I'm just hoping that in the result show that I'll be watching later will have no shocking exit. COLTON, PHILLIP, JOSHUA, HOLLIE, JESSICA, ERIKA ... must not enter the bottom 2 / 3.

If it's DeAndre in the bottom, not a surprise. If it's Heejun, i can only laugh. If it's Jermaine and Jeremy, I say it is expected!

If it's Skylar, I can still accept a little. If it's Shannon and Elise, not a surprise.

I prefer Jermaine and Elise for bottom. and Jermaine may be booted off. But who knows the judges still pity him? Not saying that I don't like Jermaine, but I think Elise has the potential, though I'm not a fan of hers.

**290MB downloaded in 90 minutes. In the countdown to final 18 minutes. COME ON!! I've been waiting for the whole day! 

**343MB downloaded in 105 minutes...2 mins left! Hooray!!

Ok, packing bags now...and thanks to this blog for accompanying me while waiting. LOL.



Non stop...

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It's semester 6, and i'm less than 2 months away from graduating.

These days are crucial...

Everything has to be done according to time slot given...

One after another, or I should say, before I can complete one task given, there comes another.

It's just keep on repeating that way...

Sometimes tired, sometimes it's fun, I still manage to find enough time to relax myself, with PS2, facebook, twitter, checking latest music...

And to fit with my topic, besides non stop assignents, i have a song being played non-stop in my winamp playlist currently, playing now also while writing this post...this song is 


Never get tired...

And i am expecting good music coming non-stop in the next few weeks..

Kris Allen...hopefully some sneak peek or preview of songs off Carrie's 4th album...

I've also got non-stop anticipation towards the AirAsia treat.

Trip to Christchuch!!!!!

Everything sponsored, including the accomodation for both my parents too..

Saved a lot of bucks, so we can spend more on food or activities there!

I hate paying taxes or other service fees imposed by AirAsia, but anyway thanks for this big gift! Will never forget this wonderful prize...

I'm sure there's a lot of non stop that I can talk about here, but I think it's better to sip coffee and enjoy music... free!!! 

Internship Day 35...It's the end...But another has begun

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on January 5, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Day 35...

Blogging here day by day, here comes Day 35, the final internship day, and it's a Friday. Nice poem, Lol!

What is going to start soon?


Ahh..no break?? never mind. I treat my internship as holiday actually. No pressure at all.

Here's how I gonna make it special in this final internship blog.

I'll be updating the post at any time, starts now!

9.07am - Writing a blog (lol), still thinking what to say when I pass my thesis to supervisor and say goodbye to HIM? Weirdo.

9.10am - Maybe I should plug in my earphone  for some music.

9.16am - I think the managing director and supervisor don't know that today is my last day here in Granulab.

9.19am - It's Misha Omar's birthday, just realised it.

9.21am - #nowplaying Beautiful World - Westlife, indeed beautiful today!

9.24am - Is there ASTRO SUPERSPORTS in my office? I wanna watch Lee Chong Wei vs Kenichi Tago this afternoon! Lol

9.26am - visiting Kris Allen official website forum. It's been long since the last time i visited. Can't wait for new music!

9.30am - Apparently, some fans still cannot get over the win of AI by Kris Allen.

9.36am - #nowplaying "Last Mile of the Way" - Westlife . Fit! 

9.43am - Waiting for winners announcement by Maybank. Hopefully I got some tix though i am still not sure to attend or not.

9.49am - I only had oat meal this morning as breakfast. I am hungry now, and i can't wait for lunch.

9.54am - #nowplaying Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood

9.59am - nowhere to see this ADAM L(Not me) on the charts...FLOP

10.01am - What to eat today for lunch? My final lunch in Kota Kemuning. Gonna miss the food. Too many choices.

10.04am - adam lambert no.147 in itunes POP genre. POOR

10.06am - HOW GREAT THOU ART!!

10.09am - Let's get party! #nowplaying JLo - Somebody's Girl

10.12am - Going to listen Jason Mraz new single - I Won't Give Up

10.17am - before that, maybe the first single 1st - The World As I See It..dind't know he release it in September last year

10.18am - PAPI PAPI PAPI

10.22am - Can I go home early, BOSS?

10.42am - The line is just slow. But it's ok, still in good mood. Hehe

10.45am - Time to read newspaper

11.31am - Finished reading. Now countdown-ing to lunch time.

11.38am - Having some kuihs, thank you kakak. does she have twitter? she saw my tweets?

11.43am - Your face is uglier than the food, <dear housemate> u don't have to show me the face even if you don't like it.

11.57am - Someone is still mousy...

12.11am - I had 5-6 kuihs i think, not the sweet type one. So, no worries. Hehe

12.18am - A bit full. I think i'm gonna have lighter menu later. will see. wanna hv something great though in the last day.

2.22pm - Hmm...Had Grilled Mushroom Chicken, though i'm a quarter full. lol.

2.23pm - Going to meet Managing director for the one last time before leaving this company. I'm sure he'll ask: "So, what do you think you have learnt in these 2 months"?

2.56pm - Eyes feeling little heavy

2.57pm - Please, rain rain go away, don't mess with me when i drive home later

3.08pm - Time to check elearning portal, download some notes 

3.46pm - Time to go capture some pictures of my office, just for memory

4.03pm - Ma Ying Jiu going to lose in election? I don't know their politics, but hope not.

4.16pm - Time to burn CD, so i can listen to them when driving home. THEME: POP/COUNTRY/DANCE/ROCK

4.21pm - Ryan Seacrest to stop contract with FOX, IDOL? To NBC Today's Show? Well, i don't mind, even if ratings r going to drop. I would love to have Cat Deely replacing him.  And my main focus are the contestants. 

4.37pm - Planning to create Scotty McCreery Malaysian Fan Page on Facebook

4.52pm - 38 minutes to go. And if Boss is still busy, sorry i can't have talk with you or say goodbye cuz i'm in a hurry to go home. Thank you for everything though throughout these 2 months.

4.56pm - #honestyhour If I were to choose, to move back to my old hostel unit, or stay in my current coursemate unit, i prefer....THE OLD ONE

4.58pm - A good thing about raining: to clear the pigeons' crap on the back of my car

5.06pm - #FirstFridayof2012 is the day I finish my internship.

5.10pm - Pray for Jason Derulo

5.15pm - CD Start burning! 15 minutes to go!

5.19pm - maybe a goodbye at least...

5.26pm - time to pack..

5.30pm - THE END

Internship Day 34...Almost the end

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on January 5, 2012 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Day 34...

I can't believe it's coming to an end. After driving for nearly 2 months, back and forth to Kota Kemuning, it's kinda GREAT! LOL!

Well, it's kinda nervous for me today, cuz I was going to submit my thesis to the Senior Researcher of SIRM Berhad. I knew she would be in office today, and yeah she was there. I was being honest, telling her, most of the ideas stated inside didn't really come from myself, but the resources that I found....Well, she said it was ok, at least you were being exposed to a wide range of things....Nice!

Waiting for feedback...ADAM....oh oh, time for feedback session, hopefully everything goes fine...praying...

"I was very impressed with your work, well done, just some minor mistakes..." WOOHOO! Did I just win lottery? Some weird mistake that she told me though...She felt a few paragraphs were like PLAGARISM...Woah! Just by reading, and she thought I copy and paste from somewhere else. That's funny. Of course I defended for myself. I summarized it, i dont think i copy and paste full text to it...hope this didn't kill my image, I really didn't do bad things for my thesis..hehe

Ok, I'm writing this in the early morning of the next day. I should prepare now...and get ready for my last day...DAY 35

Internship Day 33...on purpose

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on January 4, 2012 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Day 33...

Yesterday and a day before that, this housemate was just a weirdo. Whenever I passed by her room, and at the same time she opened her door, saw me walking over, she would move back and close the door. THRICE!

And once, I heard a sound of afraid before she sneaking back to her room.

Next day, which means yesterday, same thing. I just went out to throw garbage and back to unit, locking the door, and just like that. She thought her bf was back, so she opened her room door again, only to realise that it was me. No expression, she turned back and closed the door. That was the third time.

Not forget to mention...she was so quiet like a library the whole day when sitting in my car, going to the office. 

Today, she started to "talk". But, it's about our logbook writing. She would not be able to continue if she didn't know how my logbook contents look like. She started to "comment" on my contents, saying teacher won't bother to look at this and that,..

What the fuck r u looking at my stuff then if u hv ur own idea!? I'm being honest to whatever activities reported, go ahead with cheating if u want. It is not your original work then. What a shit!

And then, she learnt that I'd finished my thesis, and asked me:

"what r u doing?

I replied: "Nothing, just have a final check on my thesis"

"You print out already?"

replied: "Yes, waiting for Dr.Fadzilah to submit to her"

"Why checking?"

replied: "Just to understand whatever i've written here, just in case she asks me some questions?"

"Ha? I didn't understand mine one oh?"

I turned back to my computer, lazy to answer her question

**She wanted me not to read too much, cuz she could not afford it.

***Well, I stick to myself, you handle your task yourself.

Meeting this housemate is just not great at all.

She shows no respect and has been a troublemaker since November 2011.

I shouldn't argue too much as a man, but I think the limit has been reached. There's no point for me to keep it in my heart. I express how i feel straight forward here.


Internship Day 32...Coffee doesn't work for me

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on January 3, 2012 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

DAY 32...

First of all, happy new year 2012!

Back to work again. And I planned to finish my thesis by this afternoon. And I really did. Final check plus printing work on my schedule tonight. And i'm done!

Early in the morning, after 5 hours 25 minutes of sleep, I made a cup of coffee, just to make sure I was ready for the day, to be productive. However, I started a bit slow, eyes felt the heaviness, DAMN the coffee, no effect at all. LOL!!! As the time was approaching towards lunch, yes, I was more into well focusing my thesis. 

After lunch, took some time to read newspaper. At the same time, made some cuttings to collect points for my dad to win in the bidding contest. Well, I got 2500 points for him, should have been more but i noticed a guard was watching about 50 metres away from the counter where I cut out the points printed on paper. I tried to act naturally as if I was reading news from the past. When I raised my head to see whether he was still watching at me again, indeed he was still, maybe I looked suspicious. Tried to extend another minute before I went back to my office table, just making sure everything was natural. Pheww, someone give me Oscar Best Actor award please?

Finish my last few parts of references...hardly hang in there, sleepyyyy....4pm...DONE! 

Satisfied. Not fully energetic, but at least I finished my work. Now, just waiting for 5.30pm, take my dinner, bath, final checking on thesis, printing job, MUSIC! that's the rest activitites of the day.

Forgot to mention I had my 2nd time and the last time of lunch @ Bread Basket Bakery. I ordered Basket Chicken Rice with Iced Green Tea. Sweet and sour sauce, yummy! Iced Green Tea, not the best that I've ever tried but it made me feel healthy at least. No soft drinks or sweety stuffs. I loved it more than the 1st time when I had Lemon Chicked Rice. And thanks for the dessert, no charge. Love it.

**I got my e-voucher for AirAsia winning trip to Christchurch already! Time to make plans and start booking! Woohoo!

Internship Day 31...FRIDAY

Posted by AdamLikesCarrie on December 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Day 31...

It's a special Friday...

The final Friday of the month.

The final Friday of the year.

The final weekday of the week.

The final weekday of the month.

The final weekday of the year.

The final working day of the week.

The final working day of the month.

The final working day of the year.

My final blog of the week.

My final blog of the month.

My final blog of the year.

Some one call me PSYCHO please. LOL